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The following listing update is of plants selected in very limited quantities! A vast majority of parent plants used in these crosses have their photos on my Photo Gallery pages. Where this is the case,  we have displayed many of the parents above each listing, simply hover above each photo to see the plant name.  We will also continue to add photos as the plant come in bloom.  I encourage you to check back on the Seedlings Listing as I will be doing periodic updates of additional crosses over the winter months.  This is unquestionably the best group of crosses that I have ever published to the website. I have no doubt that many AOS award winners will come from these fine offspring! Orders will be taken on a first come first serve basis… several crosses have less than a dozen plants available.  If you don’t find what you are looking for, please call and we will do our best to assist you.
Thank You,
Hadley Cash


Meet the Parents:


HC3121: Irish Glen ‘Kryptonite Moon’ x Titan’s Gold ‘Gargantua’… Irish Glen is a massive 15cm+ flower with the fantastic genetics of Elfstone as one of its parents. Titan’s Gold is also one-half Elfstone, and ‘Gargantua’ boasts a flower of 18cm natural spread and a 13cm wide dorsal! Expect huge flowers capped by giant white dorsal sepals. 16+cm $25, 20-22 cm $35

HC3136… Alex Szabo ‘Pure Gold’ AM/AOS x Pacific Shamrock ‘Moongold’… ‘Pure Gold’ received Best Slipper of Show and People’s Choice Award at the Paph Forum, and the three or four divisions I’ve sold were for $2,500 each. It is crossed here with an exceptional Pacific Shamrock, told add even bigger fuller size, and retain the vibrant solid gold color. 24-28cm $35

HC3152… Lippewunder ‘Golden Towers’ x Alex Szabo ‘Pure Gold’ AM/AOS… Details of both parents are given in the two previous crosses listed. Superlatives on both sides of the cross! Expect full round golden flowers, with wonderful size and very flat form. There should be dusted stippling over the petals and dorsal on some. 24-28cm $35

HC3153: Lippewunder ‘Golden Towers’ x Acclamation ‘Confetti’ HCC/AOS… This cross features a massive Lippewunder, a parent that is proving to be one of the best around the world for fantastic offspring. It is crossed to ‘Confetti’, which is considered one of the best spot-petal breeders of all time. The progeny should bear very large golden flowers with wonderful size and full form, and dazzling patterning! 16-20cm $25, 24-28cm $35

HC3171… Metolius River ‘Sunlight Serenade’ x Irish Glen ‘Sun God’… Metolius River has phenomenal parentage (Sheila Hanes x Donna Hanes), and was one of the best green/gold crosses ever made by the famous Papa Aroha Orchids. Irish Glen has similarly great parentage in (Engraved x Elfstone). The four parents involved here have nearly 1,000 crosses with their lineage. When this is matched with the wonderful color, size and form of this cross, quality should abound. 18-22cm $25, 24-28cm $30

HC3182: Alex Szabo ‘Pure Gold’ AM/AOS x Titan’s Gold ‘Gargantua’… Every cross that I have made using ‘Pure Gold’ has been stunning and had a number of awarded offspring. Quite simply, ‘Gargantua is one of the largest green/gold complex that I have ever seen (a natural spread of 18cm and dorsal width of 13cm+). I can’t imagine a better cross of this type, and expect magnificent size, color, and form to abound. 16-18cm $30, 20+cm $35

HC3199… Titan’s Gold ‘Gargantua’ x Memoria S. Robert Weltz ‘Enchanted Orb’… I struggled with whether to release any of these!!! ‘Gargantua’ is an 18cm NS flower, and Greenvale and Elfstone as its parents. Mem. Robert Weltz is a next generation Pacific Shamrock hybrid, and 6.5cm PW perfect form. I have bloomed a frontrunner of these already, and it was AMAZING… big, super full, and flat! 20-24cm $40, 30-34cm $60

HC3236… Memoria Larry Heuer ‘Giant’ x Alex Szabo ‘Pure Gold’ AM/AOS… Another parvi novelty hybrid with fantastic potential. Of course, only a limited number to sell due to low germination. I should mention here that the best new green/gold cross in the past year, is one called Emerald Future… from the Orchid Zone. Similarly, to this, it has malipoense as a grandparent and was mated to a big complex gold. Seedlings, were $250 each last year, and jumped to $1,000 this year. This cross has super high potential, and is very limited! Not Available at present.

HC3241… Magic Sun ‘Solar Eclipse’ x Memoria S. Robert Weltz ‘Enchanted Orb’… My best Magic Sun, with intense neon gold color, mated with one of my most perfectly formed Mem. S. Robert Weltz. Expect glowing gold flowers with very heavy substance and extremely glossy sheen. Flowers should be in the 14-15cm NS range and last over two months in flower. 18-22cm $30, 24-28cm $35


Meet the Parents:

HC3013: Far Horizon ‘Sands’ x Thunder Cat ‘Powerhouse’… ‘Sands’ is both a beautiful red complex, and a tremendous parent for very fine offspring. I have a number of excellent and proven cultivars of Thunder Cat, but ‘Powerhouse’ is my favorite. It’s exceptionally full form shows through readily in its progeny. 26-28cm $35

HC3089: Amanda ‘Joyance’ AM/RHS x Red Key ‘Ruby Treasure’… Amanda is accepted by top Paph. breeders around the world as one of the greatest parent reds of all time. Progeny often exhibit exceptionally full form. ‘Ruby Treasure’ has wonderful glowing red color and round shape, and should combine with Amanda for some remarkable offspring. 14-16cm $25, 18-22cm $30

HC3173… Next Generation ‘Amazon King’ x (Anna Szabo x Willow Crest) ‘Red Moon’… ‘Amazon King’ is over 16cm across, and one of the best Spotted breeders that I own for size and fullness (6.5cm PW). ‘Red Moon’ is an almost perfectly round flower and has excellent dark cherry red petals and pouch. With what each parent has to offer, this is a near perfect pairing! 20-24cm $30, 26-30cm $35

HC3183… Cupid’s Arrow ‘My Valentine’ x King Frank ‘Papa Aroha’… Cupid’s Arrow is one of the best complex red crosses ever from Marriott Orchids. The King Frank used here is a fantastic proven breeder, both from my experience as well as by Woodstream Orchids and Papa Aroha Orchids. There should be a good number of award quality offspring from, with great cherry red color and well-rounded petal form. 24-28cm $35

HC3188… New Direction ‘Weltz Lavender Sonata’ AM/AOS x Hamana Fairy ‘Red Moon Rising’… Another New Direction vini-color strain, with the same excellent potential as HC3165 and HC3168, and has Amanda Joyance in its parentage! Not Available at present.
HC3227… World Warrior ‘Charisma’ x Next Generation ‘Amazon King’… “Charisma’ has absolutely flat round flowers… truly amazing to see. In pairing it with the huge ‘Amazon King’ the best could well set a new standard in red complex breeding for a marriage of size and form.

HC3244… Pandemonium ‘Shock Wave’ AM/AOS x (Tiger Hill x Thunder Cat) ‘Ruby Wonder’… The cross Jenna Marie is one of the best red crosses I know of anywhere. It is Pandemonium by Tiger Hill. This then is a corollary cross, and could be as good, or better, than Jenna Marie. Expect many great flowers to bloom out of these great parents. 16-20cm $25

HC3245… Cupid’s Arrow ‘Heartbreaker’ x Amanda ‘Joyance’ AM/RHS… Cupid’s Arrow has been a phenomenal cross, and gone on to be a wonderful lineage to breed with.‘Heartbreaker’ is very appropriately named… and has stunning red color. Amanda, world famous for breeding round full flowers, gives this cross high potential for fine award quality offspring. 24-28cm $35

HC3259… Jenna Marie ‘Sparkle’ AM/AOS x Tropic Thunder ‘High & Mighty’… The super dark cherry red ‘Sparkle’ should give the giant size and full ‘High and Mighty’ the one thing it lacks. The best will get the color from ‘Sparkle’ and the size and fullness from the pod parent. 22-26cm $30


Meet the parents:

HC3046… Skip Bartlett ‘White Pepper’ HCC/AOS x Southern Alps ‘Fortress’: Southern Alps has albinistic genetics and a huge white dorsal sepal. In pairing it with Skip Bartlett some absolute pure white offspring are to be expected. Many fine whites similar to large White Knights should dominate. 12-14cm $30, 16-18cm $35

HC3083… Southern Alps ‘Fortress’ x Porcelain Treasure ‘Shangrila’… I have only bloomed a couple of these so far, and one was the very rare and desirable pure pristine white. This is the hardest flower to create, and I can’t wait to bloom more. As is sometimes the case in white complex breeding, the numbers of seedling in this strain was quite low. Seedlings very limited. 14-18cm $35, 18-20cm $40

HC3251… White Queen ‘Enchanted Moon’ AM/AOS x Tropic Thunder ‘Majesty’… White Queen breeds very similarly to White Knight. In other words, it’s a great breeder for high quality. In pairing it with ‘Majesty’, which has over 6cm PW, one can expect very big and well-formed pink/white complex. 14-16cm $30, 18-22cm $40

Species / Novelties

Meet the parents:


HC3031: charlesworthii ‘Fireworks’ x charlesworthii ‘Barry’s Choice’… ‘Fireworks’ has exceptional color and AM quality form, and is mated to a huge charlesworthii with over 9cm natural spread. The offspring that get the best of each parent should be fantastic. 16-18cm $35

HC3100: villosum ‘Dark Dynamo’ AM/AOS x villosum ‘Marriott Quintessence’… The pod parent used here was awarded only a few years ago and has, by far, the broadest dorsal sepal of any of the previous AOS awards… 6.5cm wide! Overall size and form are amazing. The pod parent, ‘Marriott Quintessence’, is even better than the pollen parent! I can imagine no better strain of this species anywhere. 14-16cm $35

HC3107: henryanum ‘Voodoo Chile’ x henryanum ‘Marriott Leopard Moon’ AM/AOS… Simply the best strain of henryanum imaginable. The pod parent is 9cm+ and with very fine color and form. The pod parent is 9.5cm across, with a very flat 5.2cm wide dorsal sepal, and 2.4cm wide petals! That’s nearly one-inch-wide petals. A new standard for the species should be set with the progeny of this cross. 12-14cm $30 Not Available at present.

HC3195… villosum ‘Grand Finale’ AM/AOS x villosum v. alba ‘Super Nova’ AM/AOS… This pairing couldn’t be better! ‘Grand Finale’ received a very conservative 85 point AM/AOS and had nearly a 7cm wide dorsal, the biggest on record, and over 4cm wide petals… and has stunningly rich color. It is mated to the highest awarded villosum v. alba on record, an 87 point AM/AOS. Any offspring crossed together from this strain will produce approximately 25% true alba. Blooming size! $65

HC3246… kolopakingii ‘Riopelle’ FCC/AOS x kolopakingii v. alba “Emerald Tower’… ‘Riopelle’ is thought by many to be a natural tetraploid and can bloom with 10-12 flowers on a spike of nearly a meter in length. The pollen parent is a jade green pure alba, with very fine form. As with cross HC3195, any offspring crossed together from this strain will produce approximately 25% true alba. 30-34cm $40


We update offerings throughout the year, but often have additional items
that have not yet been posted available for sale. Inquiries are always welcome!
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