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Fellow Paph Lovers:  The following plants are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Most are very limited as to the number of divisions of any one cultivar. Prices listed are per division, not per growth. A standard division will have at least one mature bloomed or un-bloomed growth and may have a new start or maturing new growth.  I will make price adjustments accordingly, downward on faded or very small growths or upward on multi-growth plants. All divisions will have vigorous healthy roots. Exact division size and price can be discussed with me by telephone and you may then decide about purchasing or reserving a piece. I will be glad to place your name on a waiting list for divisions not currently available. Prices are subject to change without prior notice, and are subject to availability. There are no discounts on divisions. If you are not 100% satisfied when you receive your order, please notify us within 48 hours. You may arrange to return any plants for a complete refund of the purchase price. Above all, I want you to be pleased with the plants that you receive! If you do not see a division listed, please call and inquire.  I am always happy to check on availability. Thank you for your interest in Marriott Orchids and I look forward to having you as a customer.
Hadley Cash

Pinks and Whites  


Alabaster Brook ‘Ruth’ HCC/AOS (Hellas x Huddle)-$1,000
‘Ruth’ is unquestionably the finest of any of the Alabaster Brook’s ever awarded. It’s one that all connoisseurs should want to add to their collection at some point. Heavy pink petal color and pink pouch color, exceptional gloss and form, all combine to still make it one of the finest pink/whites of all time.

Aladin ‘Susan AM/AOS (Atlantis x delenatii)-$75
Aladin has a heavy gloss and rosy glow with undulating petals which create an exotic pink flower.

Alyssa ‘Pink Snow’ (Hellas x Rosy Dawn)– $100
A Hellas hybrid with lovely cream/white background color and a smooth pastel pink overlay on the petals. It is a very good seed producer and should impart a wonderful range of color and gives fine plant vigor.

Ano Puddle ‘Eureka’ AM/AOS (F.C. Puddle x Ano Nuevo)– $100
A large full formed white on a very nice stem. Hybrids now blooming out of this parent are proving to be excellent, with nice flat form.

Autumn Snow ‘Eureka’ (F.C. Puddle x Inca)– $75
Selected by Frank Hughes as the best of this cross, a medium sized flower with a cream/white background color and pink flushing across the petals. Fertile breeder.

Blanche Sawyer ‘Snowman’ AM/AOS (F.C. Puddle x Gwenhannen)– $85
‘Snowman’ has been used for many years to produce excellent whites and pinks. In its own right, a fine flower which is well worth having for its own beauty.

Cinderella ‘Malibu’ AM/AOS (F.C. Puddle x Dianna Broughton)– $150
This plant shares the same fine qualities as it s sister clone ‘Satin Slipper’, and is a good breeder, as well.

Cinderella ‘Satin Slipper’ AM/AOS (F.C. Puddle x Dianna Broughton)– $150
The Cinderella’s are one of my favorites of the clean whites. ‘Satin Slipper’ is simply exquisite and also good breeder.

Color My World ‘Shocker’ (Greyi x Winston Churchill)– $1000
‘Shocker’ is aptly named for it’s intense color markings and bold form and presentation. It breeds as both a pod and pollen parent, a rare quality in this type of genetic parentage. This is our first release of this incredible paph!

Dewlish ‘Chilton’ AM/ RHS (A. Lomax x delenatii)– $50
This Ratcliffe hybrid uses delenatii as one of its parents. The flower is similar to Masie Gay ‘Feather Hill’ AM in appearance but is larger and clearer in pink color. Beautiful!

Dottie McDowell ‘Snowdrift’ (Freckles x Green Mystery)– $125
The genetic in this parent are great for breeding (Freckles x Green Mystery), and this should give larger size, fuller form, and less stippling than straight Freckles. An added bonus is it’s simple intrinsic beauty.

Dusky Maiden ‘Muriel’ B/CSA (Sophomore x Susan Tucker)– $175
An exquisite pink and white of amazing size and form to have fairrieanum as one of its grandparents. It breeds reluctantly, yet it’s one of my favorite whites for sheer beauty. Super!

Dusky Maiden ‘Perlita’ AM/AOS (Sophomore x Susan Tucker)– $175
Just as good as ‘Muriel’ (above), and quite similar in overall look.

Dusty Miller ‘Dapple’ AM/AOS (F.C. Puddle x Chardmoore)– $750
A gorgeous flower, white background with pink brushing on the petals and round full form. One of the very finest pink/whites and one of the two best ‘Dusty Miller’s’ in the world, thought to be a tetraploid. This grex is what created the phenomenal Miller’s Daughter cross!

Dusty Miller ‘Downlands’ AM/AOS (F.C. Puddle x Chardmoore)– $50
This clone has been used by Ratcliff Orchids in England for a great deal of breeding over the last twenty years. It’s lovely pastel pink and white color and breedability make it desirable.

Freckles ‘Chalcedonny Pink’ AQ (Burleigh Mohur x F.C.Puddle)– $80
This is the clone that was used to make the original highly awarded Via Ojai cross. Also quite beautiful in its own right and a fantastic grower, one that any breeder should have.

Freckles ‘Corky’ AM/AOS (Burleigh Mohur x F.C.Puddle)– $75
The ‘Corky’ clone has heavy stippling throughout which gives a pinkish dusting affect. These qualities combined with its breedability and its nice overall form make it quite desirable.

Freckles ‘Cream Puff’ HCC/AOS (Burleigh Mohur x F.C.Puddle)– $85
One of the awarded Freckles which leans toward the cream rather than the white side and with a nice dusting and pink flushing. Also an excellent breeder.

Freckles ‘Pinkie’ AQ/AOS (Burleigh Mohur x F.C.Puddle)– $90
Used by John Hanes in numerous crosses, ‘Pinkie’ is an excellent breeder and has very good form.

Freckles ‘School Boy’ HCC/AOS (Burleigh Mohur x F.C.Puddle)– $100
My favorite of all the Freckles! It breeds well, has a heavy pink brushing, exceptional gloss and I feel it is one of the best of the many Freckles I’ve ever seen.

Freckles ‘Waldor’ (Burleigh Mohur x F.C.Puddle)– $100
An award quality Freckles as good or better than any. Very large and full with paper white color and minimal stippling. A little known and rare offering!

Freckles ‘White Saphire’ (Burleigh Mohur x F.C.Puddle)– $90
One of the whitest of the many Freckles and a superbe cultivar that any Freckles lover should have.

Glacier Creek ‘Maybrook’ (Jacob Elshin x F.C. Puddle)– $100
A fine clean white with F.C. Puddle as one of its parents. A great seed producer and should be good at yielding higher numbers of whites. We can’t believe the wide petals that this can produce in our offspring!

Greensuds ‘White Foam’ HCC/AOS (Susan Tucker x F.C. Puddle)– $125
This paph has both fantastic parentage and innate beauty. It is Susan Tucker x FC Puddle, so it has FC Puddle on both sides. It should, therefore, be highly dominant in breeding whites and reducing or eliminating stippling. We feel that this will be a fine white parent.

Jack Tonkin ‘Robin’ AM/AOS (Mc Laren Park x F.C. Puddle)– $75
Robin is considered the best of the awarded Jack Tonkins. Very white, nice form, heavy gloss. As with ‘Royal White’ it also breeds well.

Jack Tonkin ‘Royal White’ B/CSA (Mc Laren Park x F.C. Puddle)– $75
One of the whitest of the Jack Tonkins with only minimal stippling. Also, an exceptional breeder, producing a great deal of seed.

Jack Tonkin ‘Val’s Choice’ AM/AOS (Mc Laren Park x F.C. Puddle)– $90
Considered by many to be the best of the awarded Jack Tonkins. Very pure whiteness with minimal dusting on petals combined with excellent size and form for the cross.

Knight’s Challenge ‘Suzanne’ AM/AOS (White Knight x Memoria Toshio Miyata)– $750
‘Suzanne’ is one of only two Knight’s Challenges awarded and has highest award and best form… over 5cm wide petals. It is an almost pure cream/white with fine gloss and excellent substance. Very select!

Lady Clunas ‘Whatcroft Hall’ AM/RHS (delenatii x Gurtrude West)– $125
A lovely delenatii hybrid who’s beauty has stood the test of time. Fine stippling and rose flushing of color throughout the petals and dorsal. On a good blooming it’s just gorgeous.

Lady Luck ‘Bingo’ HCC/AOS (Winston Churchill x Skip Bartlett)– $150
Full form and beautiful color, this plant came to me from the fine collection of Helen Congleton. Beautiful broad pink petals and pouch with white background and white dorsal with garnet spots. Very select, one of the nicest of the awarded Lady Lucks.

Lady Luck ‘San Carlos’ (Winston Churchill x Skip Bartlett)– $150
Selected by Kay Rinaman in bloom at The Orchid Zone, this is a super flower. A beautiful pink saturation in the petals, full round form, and great substance make for an outstanding bloom. Envied by all who saw it at the California Paph Forum. Look for this one to be awarded some day!

Luminance ‘New World’ (Fidelity x F.C. Puddle)– $100
This flower has wide petals and excellent whiteness from having F.C. Puddle on both sides of it’s parentage. Seldom seen in this country, it is a must for the white lover. Breeds well going for shockingly pure whites!

Luminary ‘Autumn Mist’ HCC/AOS (bellatulum x Via Ojai)– $200
One of the best cultivars of a wonderful cross! ‘Autumn Mist’ has pure white background color with light garnet dusting over the petals.

Luminary ‘Pink Frost’ AM/AOS (bellatulum x Via Ojai)– $300
One of the best of the many Luminary’s that we have bloomed… and may be awardable. The cross produces speckled whites to pink flushed. This is one of the special few that is pink.

Lunacy ‘San Carlos’ (Hellas x Skip Bartlett)– $100
Similar to ‘Toby’ (below) but a bit larger and has less pink with more cream tones.

Lunacy ‘Toby’ (Hellas x Skip Bartlett)– $100
Lunacy, a Skip Bartlett by Hellas hybrid, is one of the better of the Skip Bartlett hybrids. This clone was selected by Kay Rinaman as one of the nicest in bloom at the Orchid Zone. It has an exquisite pink and white color combination.

Mem. Howard King ‘Marriott Dreamdust’ AM/AOS (Sheerline x Cinderella)- $150
This cross uses two outstanding parents, Sheerline’Rondo’ AM by Cinderella ‘Satin Slipper AM. It is a pristine white with very slight stippling on the inner petal area. A very nice flower that received an 83 point AM/AOS.

Mem. Percy Bannerman ‘Original Parent’ (Evanhurst x niveum)-$150
‘Original Parent’ is the primary clone used in hybridizing with Mem. Percy Bannerman. It’s a charming heavy pink flower with white background.

Miller’s Daughter ‘Quakeress’ AM/RHS (Chantal x Dusty Miller)– $1250
Considered for decades to be the finest white/pink cross in the world. Massive size and exceptional form for this breeding line. The price is less than what I paid seven years ago when purchased, and I still waited 2 years for a division once the order was placed!

Magic Glacier ‘Moon Maiden HCC/AOS’ (Peachie x Glacier Creek) – $450
This cultivar has incredibly full form in all segments, broad petals and exceptional ventral. We feel that this cultivar has great promise for producing superior offspring in the future. This should be a great breeder for form!

Piegans ‘Progress’ HCC/AOS (Milionette x bellatulum)– $200
A beautifully colored bellatulum by red complex hybrid. Both dorsal and petals are deep rose, flushed with medium rose. The pouch is deep red/violet, giving a perfect balance of intense color throughout the flower.

Puddleham ‘Rounder’ (F.C. Puddle x Golden Diana)– $85
I feel that this clone should one day get an award. It’s far superior to Puddleham ‘Doolittle’ AM/AOS. A great grower and it blooms year round!

Quartzite ‘Superbita’ (Halo x F.C. Puddle)– $100
A seldom seen white of wonderful beauty and white clarity. It fades to a bright white color and has only small peppering in the petals and dorsal.

Rosario ‘La Vie En Mauve’ (Paeony x delenatii)– $75
This cultivar comes from the world respected French orchid firm of Vacherot and Lecoufle. It has excellent gloss and is a lovely medium rose color over cream white.

Rosy Prospect ‘Woodbrook’ HCC/AOS (Dusty Miller x Amanda)– $175
This clone is a lovely pink/white which was awarded to the well known paph grower and judge here in the East, the late Howard King. It’s a plant that any connoisseur of the pinks and whites would be proud to have. Surprisingly fertile!

Saint Ouens Bay ‘Cerritos’ AM/AOS (Denehurst x Whitemoor)– $400
‘Cerritos’ received an 84 point AM when it was awarded. It has proved to be a fantastic breeder and earmarks its offspring with glossy, tall stemmed , full flowers. One of the very best white breeders.

Salty ‘Moon Probe’ AM/AOS (Bordube x F.C. Puddle)– $100
It’s an exquisite white and of moderate size with a heavy gloss and heavy substance. Fine white parent!

Salty ‘Val’ AM/AOS – $100
Similar to ‘Moon Probe’, it’s an exquisite white and of moderate size with a heavy gloss and heavy substance. Fine white parent!

Silvara ‘Dreamer’ (Sungrove x F.C. Puddle)– $100
‘Dreamer’ is one of the largest of the Silvara’s. Not as white as ‘Halo’ but a good breeder and quite nice in form and stem length.

Silvara ‘Halo’ AM/AOS (Sungrove x F.C. Puddle)-$125
Almost a pure white, with very fine form, this is unquestionably the finest of the ‘Silvaras’. Breeds well and we’re seeing some fine progeny.

Silvara ‘Passionale’ (Sungrove x F.C. Puddle)– $125
Similar in characteristics as Silvara ‘Athena’ but almost pure white.

Silver Anniversary ‘Bertsch’ (Memoria Percy Bannerman x Chardmoore)– $200
The late Walter Bertsch was a noted pink and white slipper grower and felt this clone worthy of putting his name to a moderate sized pink over white flower of nice form and great charm. A parent of the amazing White Legacy!

Skip Bartlett ‘Maybrook’ AM/AOS (godefroyae x F.C. Puddle)– $750
‘Maybrook’ is an extremely rare cultivar, and heavily favors the godefroyae parent. It has excellent size and full round shape, both of which garnered it an AM/AOS.

Skip Bartlett ‘White Pepper’ HCC/AOS (godefroyae x F.C. Puddle)– $1,250
Considered worldwide to be the current best white breeding slipper orchid. Its reputation excels for being unusually fertile, giving excellent form to its offspring, and being dominant for white color. If you breed complex whites… you can’t do better than this!

Snow Glory ‘Blue Jay’ HCC/AOS (Hellas x Snowbird)– $200
Lovely combination of white, cream, and pastel pink… with exceptional gloss. This cultivar is one of the few examples of pale pastel pink suffusion in the petals and pouch, seldom seen in pink/whites. Very few pieces of this anywhere in the US.

Snowbird ‘Opalescense’ AM/AOS (Jack Tonkin x Diversion)– $75
Similar qualities to the above Snow Glory, but not as much cream, nor a large and full. A great flower for the price. A miniature type in both flower and plant size.

Snowbird ‘Robin’ AM/AOS (Jack Tonkin x Diversion)– $85
A long time favorite white for both breeder and grower alike. A heavy gloss and tall spike combine for a beautiful effect on this large and lovely white.

Snowbird ‘Val’ AM/AOS (Jack Tonkin x Diversion)– $100

Sunset Snow ‘Red Spray’ (bellatulum x Memoria Percy Bannerman)– $125
Similar to the above named pollen parent, but rounder and more saturated in color from the bellatulum influence.

Susan Tucker ‘Bertsch’ (Shalimar x F.C. Puddle)– $65
The well known late Walter Bertsch felt this clone promising enough as a breeder to have it bear his name. He felt that it would be better than some of the awarded clones at producing pinks.

Susan Tucker ‘Elsie’ HCC/AOS (Shalimar x F.C. Puddle)– $65
One of the nicer Susan Tucker clones, ‘Elsie’ has heavy substanced white flowers on tall bloom spikes. Its shape and color are very much like ‘White Cap’ with a bit more stippling and somewhat smaller bloom. It is an excellent seed producer among the whites.

Susan Tucker ‘Lotte’ HCC/AOS (Shalimar x F.C. Puddle)– $65
Only slightly smaller than ‘White Cap’, but with excellent whiteness of color. ‘Lotte’ has been used by a number of breeders to produce excellent germination.

Susan Tucker ‘Snowdrift’HCC/AOS (Shalimar x F.C. Puddle)– $75
‘Snowdrift’ is the whitest of the Susan Tuckers, and one of the best formed.

Susan Tucker ‘White Cap’ AM/AOS (Shalimar x F.C. Puddle)– $75
My favorite among the Susan Tucker’s, a fine breeder and a very large glossy full formed white with great substance on tall spikes.

Tomas Garcia ‘Mexico’ HCC/AOS (Freckles x Inca)– $100
The Tomas Garcias are big impressive pink/whites! they have exceptional substance and gloss and , on a good blooming, are hard to beat. ‘Mexico’ is my favorite!

Tomas Garcia ‘Mill valley’ HCC/AOS (Freckles x Inca)– $100
Similar to ‘Mexico in all respects, only slightly smaller flower.

Via Ojai ‘Boucher’ HCC/AOS (Freckles x Hellas)– $125
Has a great deal of pink and heavy gloss. It is one of the pinker Via Ojai clones and is a super breeder.

Via Ojai ‘Jim’s Delight’ HCC/AOS (Freckles x Hellas)– $75
This clone is one of the largest of the Via Ojai’s and is primarily a white, with stippling and heavy gloss. ‘Jim’s Pride’ is an excellent breeder and tends to produce a great deal of seed. This is a plant that any breeder should have in their collection.

Via Ojai ‘Jim’s Pride’ HCC/AOS (Freckles x Hellas)– $75
Similar to ‘Jim’s Delight’, it has all the same wonderful qualities.

Via Ojai ‘Pink Sleigh’ AM/AOS (Freckles x Hellas)– $150
This clone is considered by many to be the finest of the Via Ojais. It’s slow growth and high desirability amongst connoisseurs makes this plant a rare offering!

Via Ojai ‘Silvia’ HCC/AOS (Freckles x Hellas) – $100
Highly sought after and rarely available, this clone tends to have more pink than the other Via Ojai’s. It’s flower has exceptional gloss.

Via Ojai ‘Spring White’ HCC/AOS (Freckles x Hellas)– $100
When ‘Spring White’ was awarded, it was awarded with almost 4.5 cm. wide petals. It has the widest petals of any of the Via Ojai’s that I’ve seen. The flower is mostly white in color with some pink petal overlay.

Via Santa Teresita ‘Moonchild’ S/CSA, HCC/AOS (McLaren Park x Freckles)– $175
Absolutely superb white with a pale pink flushing on the petals. Very round form with broad dorsal and petals. One for the connoisseur.

White Knight ‘Destiny’ AM/AOS (Green Mystery x Skip Bartlett)– $650
Matures quickly to a very bright white color, with minimal stippling. We think very highly of this cultivar and use it in our breeding program every time it blooms.

White Knight ‘Guinevere’ AM/AOS (Green Mystery x Skip Bartlett)– $650
‘Guinevere’ is an exceptional awarded White Knight with all of the qualities one would hope for. A creamy background color and minute stippling on the petals and inner dorsal are matched with a large full flower. Of the two dozen awarded White Knights, this is the biggest and highest awarded one of all! Also, a super grower… so we’ve lowered the price.

White Queen ‘Enchanted Moon’ HCC/AOS (Via Virgenes x Skip Bartlett)– $850
I’ve seen a number of nice White Queens over the years, and this is unquestionably the best I’ve seen! It has cream/white base color and fine dusted stippling over the dorsal and petals. Amazingly flat and full petals and is an almost perfectly balanced flower. It just got a 79point HCC in January of 2004, despite a slight pouch asymmetry on this blooming!

White Queen ‘True Love’ (Via Virgenes x Skip Bartlett)– $750
Almost as nice as ‘Enchanted Moon’, though not as flat, a bit larger in size. Should also get an AM awarded one day.

White Storm ‘San Carlos’ (Freckleface x Freckles)– $75
A large and stately white with heavy stippling over all segments. Similar to Freckles in overall form but larger in size.

Whitemoor ‘Ashlands’ (Dervish x F.C. Puddle)– $75
A pristine, paper white flower with exceptional gloss. This parent has proven itself and excellent breeder when crossed with green/gold types to yield next generation pure whites. Lovely on its own; instrumental for white breeding.

Windroeschen ‘Elaine’ AM/AOS (Rosy Dawn x delenatii)– $150
A lovely pastel pink cultivar that is very difficult to find divisions of, and should be useful in pink hybridizing. The flower is very long lasting and has excellent substance and gloss.

Golds, Greens and Honey Tones



Althea Tonkin ‘Val’ HCC/AOS (Yerba Buena x Tommie Hanes)– $500
What a genetic combination…Yerba Buena ‘White Cap’ x Tommie Hanes ‘Althea’. Nearly 6cm wide petals and 12cm dorsal form a giant green flower.

Chardmoore ‘Mrs. Cowburn’ FCC/AOS (Christopher x Lena)– $150
This cultivar is an odd one to look at, but has proved exceptional over the years as a breeder, especially with whites. It led to the world famous Dusty Miller, Inca, Shillelagh, Pacific Ocean, Lippewunder, and countless others. So far, there are over 1400 crosses with this plant in its background… and the list continues.

Checkmate ‘Golden Greek’ AM/AOS (Divisadero x Denehurst)– $125
A stately rich gold flower on a tall stem. This is a clone which has always been tightly held and has truly exceptional color!

Copper Eagle ‘Amber Sun’ (Eagle Peak x Copper King)– $250
This flower has a deep golden background color with a faint amber overlay. Substance and gloss a fantastic and combine with full form to give a stunning flower. The genetics for breeding are incredible… it is comprised equally of Van Ness, Jolly Green Gem, Peter Black, and Golden Acres. What more could you want?

Danella ‘Chilton’AM/AOS,AM/RHS (Hellas x Dalla)– $175
This superb cultivar came out of the Ratcliffe breeding line and is a lovely brush-toned flower. It combines rust/orange background colors with chocolate/mahogany overlay and fine gloss. Very dramatic and stately flower.

Death Valley ‘Sandstone’ HCC/AOS (Moondust x Hellas)– $125
An excellent brush-tone flower of rich golden amber color and rose brown in the center dorsal area. Very bold color combination. Should take an AOS award.

Denehurst ‘Surprise’ AM/AOS (Dervish x Lady Mona)– $100
Denehurst has proved to be a fantastic breeder over many generations and is in the background of some of todays best breeders. To its credit are: Sanit Ouens Bay, Memoria Toshio Miyata, King of Sweden, Mariano Martin, Lambert Day, Todd Clark, and many others.

Diversion ‘New Orleans’ AM/AOS (Alpha x Aussie)– $100
One of the old time green breeders but still proving itself time and again in modern hybrids.

Dusky Veil ‘Harvest Gold’ AM/AOS (Marlborough x Santa Margarita)– $400
Round and full of rich Autumn tones.  John Hanes charged between $500 and $750 for any piece that he ever sold of this plant. He always had a waiting list, especially from Japan, for it; I waited two years for my piece!

Engraved ‘Cathey’ AM/AOS (Divisadero x Wallur)– $750
This is cultivar is hands down the best Engraved ever awarded! It is bigger, fuller, and deeper in color than any other. Its parents have over 500 crosses in their lineage, many of which have gone on to be famous breeders in their own right. Absolutely one of the finest green/golds in the world for breeding.

Frostlight ‘Julio Franchini’ AM/AOS (Stokes Poges x Gigi)– $125
A flower similar in color and form to the Peachies with a white dorsal and deep rose brushing over basal third. ‘Franchini’ is an exceptionally large clone.and is rarely available.

Frostlight ‘Orange Lace’ (Stokes Poges x Gigi)– $75
Much more toward the orange side than ‘Julio Franchini’, but cuppier. If you like the orange autumn tones, this one is well worth having. Big!

Frosty Clover ‘Cumulus’ AM/AOS (Yerba Buena x Van Ness)– $350
Two great parents are combined here in Yerba Buena by Van Ness. This Frosty Clover has large outstretched pale green petals and great white Yerba Buena type dorsal. Super parent

Gege Hughes ‘Harvest Moon’ AM/AOS (Hellas x Halo)– $400
I like this even better than the well known ‘Forever Amber’ AM/AOS clone. It has fine form and clear golden/yellow color and has been used a good deal in recent years by the Orchid Zone as a stud plant.

Golden Acres ‘Go Boy’ AM/AOS (Golden Diana x McLaren Park)– $100
The Golden Acres have been used by Ratcliffe Orchids a great deal to produce many fine golds, greens, and clear whites. This is one of the best; yellow dorsal, petals and pouch which combine with excellent size and a dorsal halo of white.

Green Mint ‘Jonquil’ HCC/AOS (Van Ness x Gwenpur)– $750
This clone has a broad white Yerba Buena type dorsal and full nicely ruffled green /gold petals. The parents make for great breeding potential as well.

Green Mirror ‘Eureka’– $75
Noted for a ventral sepal that almost perfectly mirrors the dorsal… very striking.
Hellas ‘La Buena Tierra Sunset’ (Desdemona x Tania)- $150
An F3 generation Hellas and my favorite of all. It has outstanding color and form, similar to ‘Orange Lace’, and breeds well.

Hellas ‘Orange Delight’ (Desdemona x Tania)– $250
Very rare! I bought the entire clone from King s West Orchids several years back. This clone is a F3 sib and has very full petals and super orange/gold color. The best Hellas I know of!

Hellas ‘Sunset’ HCC/AOS (Desdemona x Tania)– $125
Tbis is an F2 generation Hellas used extensively in current breeding with great results. It has beautiful combinations of gold and pale orange/rusts.

Honey Plume ‘Halo’ AM/AOS (Hellas x Honeydew)– $175
A rich bright yellow/gold flower with brown/black stipples, partially forming fine lines. It is a very large full flower with heavy sheen… its parents are great proven breeders as well.

Kenglow ‘Val’ HCC/AOS (Diversion x Mariano Martin)– $100
One of the finest greens available anywhere. When I saw this big green in the Awards Quarterly I had to have it. Nearly a 12 cm dorsal and 5.6cm wide petals.

Kenmag ‘Val’ HCC/AOS (Maginot x Divisadero)– $100
A rich Autumn-toned flower of very good size and form. The flower has a nice gloss and lasts over two months in bloom.

King of Sweden ‘Val’ AM/AOS (Golden Diana x Denehurst)– $100
A very large flower with broad apple green petals and huge white dorsal. If you like Yerba Buena type flowers that are even fuller, bigger, and better, then don’t miss this one.

Lalime ‘Superba’ AM/AOS,S/CSA (La Honda x Diversion)- $100
Fine parentage in this honey-green colored cross, and this is the best of the awarded ones. Nice form and excellent gloss.

Magic Mood ‘Royal Sunshine’ HCC/AOS (Golden Diana x Peter Black)– $175
I feel this will be one of the great breeders of the future! Both Golden Diana and Peter Black are superb parents in their own right. Now they have been combined in a flower with 6.3cm wide petals and a 10cm wide dorsal. What more can be said?

Meadowgreen ‘Green Giant’ (Great Western x Via Virgenes)– $500
A fantastic flower for both its beauty and genetics. Its parents are superb breeders for fertility and quality of offspring, and we feel that this cultivar will continue that tradition. We are crossing this to our most prized whites and greens.

Moreton Bay ‘Sunshine’ AM/AOS (Spring Verdure x Whitehall)– $100
‘Sunshine’ as the name indicates, is a brilliant yellow flower on a tall stem. Though an old cross, still an excellent example of a true concolor yellow.

Mountain Meadow ‘Jolly’ (Rod McLellan x Aspen Grove)– $150
An award is down the road for this plant, but again I bought this one for its breeding potential. Its grandparents are: Sheerline, Golden Acres, Van Ness, and Kay Rinaman! These four have been combined into one big full green to give us another great parent of the future!

Peter Black ‘Emerald’ AM/AOS (Littledean x Hellas)– $100
A huge golden-green flower with full dorsal and petals with its tall stem it makes for an imposing flower. Additionally, Peter Black has proved itself as a terrific breeder in recent years.

Peter Black ‘Maybrook’s Omega’ AM/AOS,B/CSA (Littledean x Hellas) – $350
‘Maybrooks Omega’ is equal in size to ‘Emerald’, but fuller and more honey/amber overla
on the background. Unfortunately, it grows at a fraction of the speed of ‘Emerald’ and probably breeds better form, so it is substantially more costly.

Punch Line ‘Cumulus’ HCC/AOS (Xantippie x Avine)– $75
I got this clone at the suggestion of Joann Brown, formerly of Stewarts Orchids. She said that it is good to cross with whites to produce larger whites and pinks and is a nice seed producer.
Ruth Wright ‘Aurora’ HCC/AOS (Hellas x Revelstoke)– $125
Hellas hybrid which I originally bought for its incredible size. Nearly 6cm wide petals and a huge dorsal are the benchmarks of this flower.

San Francisco ‘Althea’ HCC/AOS (La Honda x Wallur)– $150
San Francisco is noted for its intense green/gold color and high gloss. It has been a great breeder historically, and is re-emerging as a prominent breeder today. Lovely full form and great color are combined together in ‘Althea’.

Sheila Hanes ‘Grand Green’ AM/AOS (Agnes De Burc x Caddiana)– $175
An excellent green/gold flower on a tall spike. This has parented many fine modern day crosses. A must have for breeding greens and golds!

Snowram ‘Georgia’ AM/AOS (Snow Bunting x Bahram)– $150
A beautiful full white dorsal with a pastel rose brushing in the lower center, honey/gold petals and pouch with honey overlay. This cultivar can bloom with two flowers at a time and has produced some fine crosses when mated to whites.

Stefani Pitta ‘Blue Jay’ AM/AOS (Divisadero x Kay Rinaman)– $300
When Stefani Pitta was crossed to Hellas, it produced one of the finest complex crosses ever… Valerie Tonkin. The awarded Stefani Pittas are large full golden flowers with a pale amber overlay and big white dorsal sepal. There should be many great crosses to come from this grex in coming years.

Stefani Pitta ‘Robin’ AM/AOS (Divisadero x Kay Rinaman)- $200
Almost a duplicate in all respects to ‘Blue Jay’, but a bit more stippling in the dorsal.

Tommie Hanes ‘Althea’ FCC/AOS (Gwenpur x Greensleeves)– $400
This one sets the standard by which all other green complexes are judged. Big, very round, and a true green. Many say that if you can only own one green, ‘Althea’ is the one.

Valerie Tonkin ‘Althea’ AM/AOS (Hellas x Stefani Pitta)– $800
Considered by many to be the best of all of the awarded Valerie Tonkins. ‘Althea’ is a monster honey/green all over and a 3cm white halo on the dorsal. All segments are very full and in perfect balance to one another. Should be a great future breeder.

Van Ness ‘Lillian’ AM/AOS (Golden Diana x Burleigh Mohur)– $85
In the last ten years, ‘Lillian’ has proved itself as a good breeder and on a good blooming is a beauty to behold. Autumn gold background with a rust brushing create a beautiful color combination.

Via Angel Verde ‘White Cap’ (Avine x Yerba Buena)– $65
Another Yerba Buena hybrid with green petals and large white dorsal. Avine, the other parent, is a proven breeder as well… should be excellent when crossed to whites.

Via Avila Beach ‘Evening Moon’ HCC/AOS (Hellas x Avine)– $150
Similar in color and form to Golden Chalice both of which are Hellas hybrids. It has a huge paper white dorsal with a rose pink fan at the base The petals are ice green with a pink overlay. Very large flowers and a super breeder!

Via Del Sol ‘Carimo’ AM/AOS (Harry Stage x Green Gold)– $150
Another clone from the Carl and Emogene Keys collection, ‘Carimo’ has an intense citron and buttercup yellow tones with chocolate brown mid-vein down the center of the dorsal and petals. A flower so striking that it was awarded an 82 point AM in April 1998.

Via Muchos Ninos ‘Full Moon’ HCC/AOS (Yerba Buena x Caddiana)– $350
‘Full Moon’ is the best of the Via Muchos Ninos, with incredible full form in all segments on a tall, strong stem. The color is a honey yellow with a slight pastel pink brushing in the inner dorsal area. Establishing a fantastic reputation as a quality breeder – a must for the connoisseur or hybridizer!

Via Muchos Ninos ‘Via Verde’ AM/AOS (Yerba Buena x Caddiana)– $350
A very rare cultivar that we have seen used by the Orchid Zone in their green breeding program. It has intense geen background color and is very flat.

Via Oro ‘ Round World’ AM/AOS (Hellas x San Carlos)– $450
Excellent vibrant citron gold flower of extremely full form. Awarded an 85 point AM in the Spring of 1998. This is a superb clone with great parentage!

Via Pekeruru ‘Green Moon’ (Via Victoria x Sheila Hanes)– $850
We bloomed this as by far the best flower out of a single flask that we grew to maturity. It has everything… super size, great color, and exceptional form and gloss. It should win a solid AM on a good blooming; is proving to be one of the absolute best quality breeders that we own!

Via Rio Verde ‘Bonsai’ B/CSA (Diversion x Wallur)– $250
Two fine parents, ‘Diversion’ and ‘Wallur’ combine to make a beautiful green-gold flower of medium size and very full form. Should garner an AOS award in the future.

Via Victoria ‘Sunday Special’ HCC/AOS (Greenhorn x Avine)– $250
The first time I saw this in flower I couldn’t believe it! It’s a huge green bloom , flat and full, with a giant white dorsal… and it breeds.

Via Vulcan Verde ‘Petticoat’ S/CSA (Avine x Wallur)– $200
This has a super green flower, but its parentage is why I sought it out. Wallur and Avine have an incredible list of progeny to their credit and those genes have been combined in Via Vulcan Verde. This should be one of the promising breeders of the future.

Yerba Buena ‘Brentwood’ AM/AOS (Sanacderae x Diversion)– $90
A lesser known clone of this famous green breeder but every bit as good… perhaps it will prove better if used more for breeding.

Yerba Buena ‘White Cap’ AM/AOS (Sanacderae x Diversion)– $100
A tried and true green breeder which imparts large white dorsals and clear color to its offspring. Excellent with greens, golds, and whites and still producing some sensational offspring.

Yerba Nueva ‘San Carlos’ HCC/AOS (Yerba Buena x Greenvale)-$1,500
We believe this will be a great parent for future greens and whites, the genetics are tremendous. The cross was produced by the Orchid Zone, and this is one of the best that was bloomed out… the only awarded one. It’s very big, over 16+cm NS, fine color and gloss, we got the entire plant out of Kay Rinaman’s collection.

Reds / Mahogany 


Amanda ‘Joyance’ AM/RHS (Radley x Paeony)– $1,000
Probably the best Ratcliffe red of all time for overall form and color. ‘Joyance’ is an exceptionally full-formed flower with fine red color and sheen. Always closely held for its beauty and wonderful properties as a parent, and recognized around the world as a superb breeder for quality.

Amandahill ‘Muir Woods’ HCC/AOS (Winston Churchill x Amanda)– $1,500
This plant has now proven itself as one of the finest red breeders in my collection. It has great size and full form and transmits those qualities readily to its progeny. Every single cross bloomed to date with this parent has been fantastic! This plant originally came from the fine grower/judge, Rob Levi, and he considered it the best of the awarded Amandahills.

Foreshadower ‘High Intensity’ (Jim Iverson x Vintner’s Treasure)– $500
This is one of our three best Foreshadower’s, and award quality. The complex vinicolors are few and far between when it comes to ones of this caliber. When people see one in bloom, it is always a show stopper!

Foreshadower ‘Night Glow’ (Jim Iverson x Vintner’s Treasure)– $500
This one is just as good as ‘High Intensity’!

Killarney Gem ‘Chocolate Soldier’ HCC/AOS (Halo x Edward Marshall Boehm)– $200
This looks a lot like Danella. It has a bright lime green dorsal with radiating mahogany bars in the lower portion and white halo. The petals are honey with a heavy reddish/brown overlay and dark pouch. Always a real show stopper!

Orchilla ‘Chilton’ FCC/AOS (Paeony x Redstart)– $200
Still considered to be one of the top reds and now coming into its own as a breeder. For full, deep reds it’s still at the top.

Paeony ‘Regency’ AM/AOS (Noble x Belisaire)– $100
This is a very famous “old-timer” and still has what is considered excellent form for a complex red. A great flower for the price and should be useful, even today, as a breeder.

Pele’s Fire ‘Blaze’ (Carl Keys x John Hanes)– $150
‘Pele’s Fire’ has a glowing red color that is inherited primarily from the Carl Key’s parent. John Hanes has excellent genetics from Windbourn x Gigi, both well proven parents themselves.

Peachie ‘Madiera’ AM/AOS (Hellas x Betty Bracey)– $150
The darkest and the highest awarded of the various Peachies… nearly 6cm wide petals and 11cm wide dorsal sepal. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Peachie ‘Magic Flame’ AM/AOS (Hellas x Betty Bracey)– $150
Similar to ‘Madiera’ but not quite as large. This is, however, the clone that I have used most often to breed with because it is not only very fine but has phenomenal plant vigor. I am seeing wonderful quality in its first blooming offspring.

Peachie ‘Via Anna Cappa’ B/CSA (Hellas x Betty Bracey)– $125
A little larger than ‘Magic Flame’ but not as good a grower. Very good color and the biggest of the Peachie’s.

Redezelle ‘Treasure’ AM/AOS syn. ‘#3’ B/CSA (Robert Paterson x Doris Hunter)– $150
Lovely red with brushed dorsal and a proven breeder.

Startler ‘Glace’ AM/AOS (Masked Light x Redstart)– $650
Highly prized red breeder originally from Ratcliffe Orchids in England. It favors Orchilla ‘Chilton’ FCC/AOS and Red Beauty ‘Bion’ AM/AOS and should super with vinicolors or reds. A rare offering.

Sylvan Vale ‘Sparsholt’ B/CSA (Vale x Paeony)– $1,250
When I bought this from John Hanes a number of years ago, he said he considered it one of the very top red breeders in his stud collection. I can say that one of the finest pink complex I have ever seen is Sylvan Vale x Skip Bartlett… by John Hanes. This is a must have plant for the breeder!

Tree of Beauty ‘Val’ AM/AOS (Red Vale x Winston Churchill)– $400
The best of all of the awarded Tree of Beauty cultivars, ‘Val’ had 6cm wide petals and beautiful balance of form. Its parents are both exceptional breeders in their own right, and this combination should prove exceptional as well.

Via Luna Este ‘China Doll’ AM/AOS (Harbur x Gigi)– $250
With it’s white dorsal and rose halo overlay, and brushed rose over honey petals …a lot of paph lovers say that this is the “prettiest” complex paph they know of. It is a true eye catcher!

Via Luna Este ‘Sailors Delight’ AM/AOS (Harbur x Gigi)– $1,250
Very rare! A monster red. Looks very different than ‘China Doll’. Basically red overall with a white dorsal halo. Petals approach nearly 7cm in width!

Winston Churchill ‘Redoubtable’ FCC/AOS (Eridge x Hampden)– $300
Everybody knows this one and it’s still considered one of the best red with red brushed dorsal breeders today. A must for any serious hybridizer.

Winwine ‘Black Mirror’ AM/AOS (Winston Churchill x Joanne’s Wine)– $1,000
A rare awarded vini complex with an amazing broad, full, dark ventral sepal. Gorgeous!

World Peace ‘South Pacific’ HCC/AOS (Beatrice Ernst x Ceaser Pitta)– $175
This plant originally came from Australia and was selected for its large flower size and fine symmetry!



Coorong ‘Olympia’ (Beatrice Ernst x World Leader)– $300
A very full large flower with speckles in the petals. This plant was imported with the express purpose of breeding spotted petaled reds or golds.

Demura ‘Plover’ AM/AOS (Blendia x bellatulum)– $350
A wonderful novelty spotted petaled flower, and has proved fertile. I love this type of color patterning and look forward to seeing progeny from this parent.

Gerda ‘Magnificum’ AM/AOS (Garibaldi x Swallow)– $100
Another spotted petaled flower with bold markings… also fertile.

Mach One ‘Cinco’ AM/AOS (London Wall x Margaret MacCaull)– $150
One of the great spotted dorsal breeders, and in the background of many modern complex spotteds. Considered one of the classics of the complex world.

Mem. Jack Tonkin ‘Marriott Spotted Galaxy’ AM/AOS (Halo x Brown Glen)– $2500 (Sold out at present. You may request to be placed on the waiting list.)
One of the largest spotteds that I’ve ever seen… nearly 7cm wide petals, 17cm natural spread, 12cm dorsal width! This was the cover shot photo of Orchids in the November, 2004 issue. It’s producing some of the very best spotteds and pinks of any plant in my collection. Phenomenal!

Mildred Hunter ‘Ileana’ AM/AOS (Atlantis x Everest)- $150
‘Illeana’ has red petals with a white dorsal and small spotting fading to dusting in the lower dorsal and inner petal area. It’s an old timer, but quite pretty.

Small World ‘Adventure’ AM/RHS (Maori x Beaute)– $750
A parent plant of many of the best spotteds around today. Proven for yielding offspring with very broad petals, full form, and intense spotting. This is another extraordinarily hard to find clone and coveted by all spotted breeders.

Thunder Bay ‘Flash’ HCC/AOS,B/CSA (Blagrose x Blue Order)– $250
Another classic spotted complex in the background of many fine complex modern day crosses.

Western Thunder ‘Toad King’ (Eagle Lake x Rolling Thunder)– $250
Absolutely huge red/spotted, with big warty spots overlying the dorsal sepal. This should be a superb breeder for bold spots on big flowers!

Winston Churchill ‘Indomitable’ FCC/AOS (Eridge x Hampden)– $250
Same basic shape and size as ‘Redoubtable’, but a spotted rather than a red brushed dorsal.

Woodruff ‘Bonza’ (Blendia x Small World)– $850
The photo says it all… absolutely perfect shape and markings… we love the spots in the petals. If all that’s not enough, it has impeccable parentage from two of the best spotted parents of all time.

Primary& Novelty


Assinibione ‘Maybrook’ AM/AOS (glaucophyllum x Hellas)– $175
This plant should one day receive an FCC from the AOS. It is amazingly larger than any of the awarded Assinibione’s that have been awarded. It should be a phenomenal breeder with the brachy types.

Black Diamond ‘Jazz Singer’ (delenatii x fairrieanum)– $65
An old cross but very lovely flower, even today. This plant came from the private collection of the highly regarded connoisseur paph growers, Helen Congleton.

Darling ‘Chateau Neuf’ AM/RHS (Madame Martinet x lawrencianum)– $100
The darkest of all and also awaiting an award in this judging system!

Darling ‘Christiane’ AM/AOS (Madame Martinet x lawrencianum)– $100
Recently awarded its AM, this is one of the loveliest delenatii hybrids I know of. It has soft pastel raspberry tone in the dorsal and petal edges with darker raspberry spotting over the main petals. Pouch is pastel pink. The Darlings will breed very reluctantly and hold promise for a new look in pinks down the road.

Darling ‘Genevieve’ AM/RHS (Madame Martinet x lawrencianum)– $100
Similar to ‘Christiane’ but darker pink tones throughout. Should take an award in our system one day.

Delrosi ‘Clockwork Pink’ (delenatii x rothschildianum)– $100
Nice flower and very different from almost all of the provious Delrosi plants around. This plant blooms like clockwork every year!

Ernest Read ‘Lula’ AM/AOS (callosum x William Mathews)– $100
From the William Matthews parent, this clone has high gloss, a very tall bloom spike, and incredible lasting properties (up to four months or more). This is the absolute best of the awarded Ernest Reads.

Frank Hughes ‘Tanya’ AM/AOS (Rolfei x concolor)– $150
This clone was Frank Hughes favorite because of its deeper color and higher flower count than his other awarded ones. Nearly 11cm across, cream overall with burgundy striations in the sepals and petals. This Cross is what started the trend of Rolfei breeding.

Fumi’s Delight ‘Winter Sun’ (armeniacum x micranthum)– $60
Lovely primary parvi cross, and much easier to bloom than either of the parents are individually. Small plant size that is an easy grower.

Gaulois ‘Blackout’ AM/AOS (Goultenianum x rothschildianum)– $750
An almost black orchid that is simply gorgeous!

Hell’s Chamber ‘Eureka’ AM/AOS (Hellas x chamberlainianum)– $100
Quite large compared to either parent, with honey blooms and pink/tan overlay. Usually two or three flowers per spike which bloom in sequence. Proving excellent as a parent in novelty breeding.

Hiero ‘Boynton’ AM/AOS (chamberlainianum x lawrencianum)– $125
Excellent grower and bloomer, and the best awarded one of the grex!

John Jack ‘White Eclipse’ AM/AOS (S. Gratrix x Psyche)– $950
A Nick Tannaci cross of exceptional size and form. ‘White Eclipse’ is an S. Gratrix hybrid and was recently awarded with a natural spread of over 9cm, dorsal width of almost 6cm, and 5cm by 5.5cm petals. One of the finest brachys anywhere!

Laser ‘Blinding Night’ AM/AOS (Red Sky x Red Maude)– $350
This Laser has a glowing deep beet red color from the mastersianum in the background, as well as very long lasting flowers. Up to three months is not unusual. The dorsal on ‘Blinding Night’ is 8cm across, petals over 2cm in breadth, and a natural spread of over 13cm… and color…the name tells it all.

Madame Martinet ‘Porto Fino’ AM/AOS (callosum x delenatii)– $75
Just a beautiful pink pink primary that is is one of the best of this grex.

Mike Roccaforte ‘Mike’ AM/AOS (rothschildianum x Greyi)– $100
This flower looks similar to a petite white Delrosi, with even stippling throughout. If you like roth x brachy hybrids, you’ll love this.

Sunset ‘Alpha’ AM/AOS (Earl of Chester x Maudiae)– $50
Looks like a Maudiae type vinicolor but more red/mahogany tones than in the vinis. Bold color and nice stance, and one of the great classics of yesteryear!

William Matthews ‘Knobcreek’ AM/AOS (lawrencianum x mastersianum)– $50
As good as William Matthews ‘Quist’ AM. ‘Knobcreek’ has fine color and form on a strong stem and lasts 3-4 months in bloom and it blooms yearound!

Woodrose ‘Echo’ AM/AOS (charlesworthii x Normandy)– $150
Very hard to find and quite beautiful. This cross of charlesworthii with a complex red give a rich rosy color. The dorsal is white overlaid with a basal fan of rose, petals are rose/lavender over honey, and the pouch is a nice mahogany. Great pink breeding potential when crossed to whites or for miniature breeding..



bodegomii ‘De Freise Road’AM/AOS – $450
This is considered a variety of wilhelmenia or praestans. Several judges here in the Southern region have praised this as the nicest they’ve ever seen. Nice size, outstanding form, and vivid dark color!

chamberlainianum v. chamberlainianum ‘Colorama’ AM/AOS– $400
One of the originally imported true to type chambelainianums! These are very hard to find nowadays, especially with the superb size and color of this one.

chamberlainianum v. liemianum ‘Marriott Emerald’ AM/AOS– $200
When Norito saw this in bloom at my greenhouse many years ago, he said it had the darkest and prettiest green dorsal color of any liemianum variety he had seen. This plant was originally from a pre-CITES jungle import.

concolor ‘Massive’ AM/AOS – $500
The name says it all… big, impressive flowers with exceptionally flat flower form!

concolor ‘Tres’ AM/AOS – $500
Another very fine example of this species. Fuller than ‘Massive”, but not as big in natural spread. One of the best qualities of this cultivar is that it bears three flowers open at a time.

glanduliferum v. wilhelmenia ‘Darkness’ – $250
Award quality flower from the historic Antec Orchids breeding lines. It has it all… dark color and very fine form and size.

glanduliferum v. wilhelmenia ‘Wizardry’ – $250
Similar to ‘Darkness’ in overall quality and size, however this cultivar is from Orchid Zone line-breeding.

micranthum ‘Mr. Matt’ – $200
”Mr. Matt’ had absolutely beautiful color and markings. It is one of the “prettiest” micranthums I have seen.

niveum ‘Marriott’ – $1,500
This plant arose from a sibling strain which I made some years ago. It is amazing in proportions and form… almost 9cm in natural spread with a broad and tall dorsal. Its almost as white as an alba with just a slight stippling on the inner petals. One of a kind.

primulinum ‘Screaming Yellow Zonker’ HCC/AOS – $200
The name says it all! Very big and high intensity yellow/gold color.

spicerianum ‘Marriott Martian’ AM/AOS, CCM/AOS – $150
If you like this species, you’ll be glad you get this one. It’ grows like a weed into a specimen plant and has excellent color, size and form. Just a great example of the species.

sukhakulii ‘Jack’ AM/AOS – $500
One of the best… 2.9cm wide petals and excellent clarity of color.

sukhakulii ‘Rainforest’ AM/AOS – $500
I have bloomed this with a natural spread of 17cm! The petals are a respectable 2.5cm wide as well. We have succeeded in getting sukhakulii with really wide petals nowadays, this clone could be the key to attaining a new level in natural spread.

victoriae regenia v. kalinae ‘Marriott Darkness’ AM/AOS – $750
This is a variety of chamberlainianum that is rarely seen and even more rarely offered. It is from a pre-CITES importation and has the darkest color of this species I have ever seen.