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Summer 2019 Listing
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HC3482: Lady Luck ‘Candor’ AM/AOS x Winter Star ‘Perfection’ AM/AOS… I used to rarely make pink/white to pink/white crosses. Eventually I realized that nearly every time I did, they were fantastic and produced wonderful new styles of breeding that had not been achievable in any other way. It’s hard to imagine two remarkable parents of this type breeding! ‘Candor’ is the biggest and highest awarded Lady Luck ever, 86 points, and simply superb. It is mated with our best pink/white breeder for full flat form. These will be amazing! (1 available) $450
LadyLuck Candor AMWinterStar Perfection AM

HC3516: Bedazzle ‘Matrix’ x Fantasy ‘Galaxy Quest’… Spots, spots, spots! The goal here is to get spot-petaled full formed whites. Both parents have excellent size and full form. Bedazzle is a White Castle progeny and Fantasy is a Stargate offspring. These are two of the best heavily brachy white parents ever produced at the Orchid Zone. The results from this cross will range from heavily speckled or spotted whites, to pink blushed whites with overlaid spotting. Full form and outrageous spotting should dominate the cross. (1 available) $450
Bedazzle MatrixFantasy Galaxy Quest

HC3517: Galactic Storm ‘Phantasm’ x (White Shimmer x Stargate) ‘Galaxy Quest’… Another spots, spots, spots! The best to bloom out from this cross should be stunning. They will have exceptionally white backgrounds and remarkably heave speckles or spots across both petals and dorsal sepal. This and cross HC3516 are the most advanced spotted complex whites I have ever made. Don’t miss out on this one!(1 available) $450
ArcticStorm FantasmFantasy Galaxy Quest



HC3475: Alex Szabo ‘Pure Gold’ AM/AOS x Pacific Titan ‘Moongold’… This is a dream cross for massive clear yellow/gold flowers of superb form and size. The pollen parent is a 17cm natural spread, 12.5cm dorsal spread and 7cm wide petals on its first blooming! ‘Pure Gold’ is one of the most beautiful green/golds in our entire greenhouse, and at the Paph Forum in Washington, D.C. it won an AM/AOS, Judges Award as Best Paph of Show of 300 entries and the Peoples’ Choice Best in Show Award! (1 available) $500
AlexSzabo PureGold AM (2)Pacific Shamrock x Titans Gold Moongold scale PW

HC3489: Hsinying Gold ‘Monarch’ x Pacific Titan ‘Moongold’… Here the massive pod parent ‘Monarch’, with a 16.5cm natural spread, has been paired with a fantastic pollen parent Pacific Titan. Both bloomed with 7cm wide petals as first bloom seedlings! Offspring are sure to be massive and the best could set a new standard for green/gold complex Paphs. (1 available) $500
Hsinying Gold Monarch scale PWPacific Shamrock x Titans Gold Moongold scale PW

HC3499: Greenvale ‘Dorothy Martin’ FCC/AOS x Pacific Glory ‘Full Moon’… The Greenvale used here has an 18+cm natural spread, 7cm wide petals and 13cm wide dorsal. It’s a monster! It has been paired with one of the most perfectly formed golds I have ever seen or bloomed. In January a Pacific Glory just received a 95 point AM/AOS in Washington, D.C.. This cultivar is every bit as good as it’s newly awarded sibling. This cross will be absolutely amazing! (Sold Out) $750
Greenvale Dorothy Martin FCC scale NSPacific Glory Full Moon PW

Reds/Spotteds & Complex Vini-color


HC3477: Maggie Mae ‘Red Giant’ x Dark Fantasy ‘Haunting’… Dark Fantasy is an extremely rare fertile third generation complex vini-color. This is therefore a fourth generation complex vini cross which can produce even bigger fuller complex vini-colors. ‘Red Giant’ has a 14+cm natural spread and excellent rich red color (from its Jenna Marie parentage). Offspring here should be both gorgeous and great breeders of the future. (Sold Out) $750
Thunder Cat x Red Dominion Red QueenDark Fantasy Haunting

HC3495: (Keyeshill x Hama Chilwin) ‘Red Rhapsody’ x Dark Fantasy ‘Double Eclipse’) … Again, I have used a cultivar of the Dark Fantasy grex. Dark Fantasy an extremely rare fertile third generation complex vini-color. The form on ‘Double Eclipse’ is the best I have ever seen on a complex vini-color! In addition, this cultivar always blooms with two flowers on a spike. ‘Red Rhapsody’ is not only impeccably well-formed, but also has amazing glossy rich red color. The best of these will be superb and among the rarest of complex vini-colored Paphs! (Sold Out) $750
Keyeshill x Hama Chilwin Red RhapsodyDark Fantasy Double Eclipse Full Shot

HC3508: Maggie Mae ‘Red Giant’ x (New Direction x Amanda) ‘Dark Love’… Another exceptionally rare fertile cross of the third generation vini-color parent, New Direction. It is very difficult to get any seed New Direction, but ‘Dark Love’ was nicely fertile. It’s color is saturated raspberry red and there is a gloss that looks as if it were sprayed with a high-gloss clear coat. These will be gone fast and should be stunning! (Sold Out) $750
Thunder Cat x Red Dominion Red QueenNew Direction x Hamana Fairy Rubylight

Primary, Species & Novelty


HC3486: philippinense v. roebelenii ‘Rapunzel’ x philippinense v. reobelenii ‘Twisted Sisters’ … I can’t imagine a better strain of this wonderful species. ‘Rapunzel’ has longer petals than any roebelenii ever awarded by the AOS… petal length of 28cm! ‘Twisted Sisters’ has extremely tight petal twisting and somewhat more spreading petal stance with 21cm length. Both have very fine overall size and rich color and markings. If you like this wonderful species, don’t miss out on this one!
(Sold Out) $350

philippinensephilippinense Primo