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Thank you all for your support and loyal patronage over the many years!  As most of you know Hadley passed away in early 2022.  As you can see below, he had already made plans to sell the majority of his collection and was so very excited to pass his Paph. collection on to a fellow enthusiast who could carry on with his hybridizing.  The gentleman received the plants, shortly after Hadley’s death in early 2022.   At this time I am still waiting on final payment for Hadley’s collection, but will share his contact information as soon as it is finalized.   I would like to take a moment to personally thank Frank Smith and his crew from Krull Smith Orchids.  They selflessly came up several times to ensure that Hadley’s collection was in good shape and also got it boxed and ready to ship so it could make it to the buyer in good condition.  None of us expected Hadley’s condition to worsen so quickly but as he notes in his letter below  “The friends I have made through orchids, especially through my love of Paphs, is one of my greatest treasures. I will always be there for you and hope you will be there for me. We Paph people have a bond that ties!”  This is so true!
Frank also purchased Hadley’s flasks in process as well as many more junior seedlings.  I know good things will come from them!  I felt it was time to share an update and I look forward to sharing more as soon as possible.   Thank you!   Deb Cash

As Marriott Orchids enters into the new year of 2021, I have major news for my many friends and loyal customers! I made the announcement over a year ago that I was beginning the process of selling the Marriott Orchids Paph Collection. This process was more than just finding a buyer who was agreeable to my price, but I wanted to feel strongly that the buyer had the vitality, knowledge, and Paph fire within to take over my collection and use them for decades going foreword to their potential. I have grown both my business and collection for over 35 years. It is like a child that I have nurtured and shaped since infancy and I hoped to find the “right” person to carry the mantel on. Summer of last year I began negotiations to sell the Marriott Orchids Complex Paph Collection to someone who met all of my criteria. By the end of 2020 we had a signed contract that we both felt good about. More details will follow down the road about the person purchasing the collection.

Here’s where things get interesting, the person is currently living on the other side of the world! He and his family have already laid out a plan to move to this hemisphere, build their home and greenhouse, and be ready to get the collection in the summer of 2022. For the time being, I am able to conduct my “business as usual” until they have the infrastructure to take over the collection. Please don’t hesitate to inquire about availability on Seedlings, Flasks, or Divisions that you may have an interest in. For the next year and a half I am always glad to be of service!  

The friends I have made through orchids, especially through my love of Paphs, is one of my greatest treasures. I will always be there for you and hope you will be there for me. We Paph people have a bond that ties!

Marriott Orchids continues with our tradition in breeding cutting- edge complex Paphs. Our AOS award count is now over 500, with 20 FCC’s. We are very excited about the new hybrids that are coming up to blooming size this year and hope you will be too!

More detail on Marriott Orchids and our breeding is available on our “About Marriott Orchids” page and in the featured articles on my blog. Our new photo gallery now features almost 2000 photos of Marriott Orchids breeding stock and seedlings (Over 400 new photos just added in January!)
We have also added various articles of interest on Hadley’s blog,  including his most recent article “New Perspectives on Novelty Slippers” published in the Winter edition of the Orchid Digest.  We hope you have fun checking it all out!

If you have an interest in purchasing some of our plants, our Seedlings List and Divisions List have been update with current pricing and our Select Flask Listing has been updated for Spring 2018.    As always, if you don’t see what you are looking for please contact us to discuss specific divisions, crosses or for suggestions. In keeping pace with technology, you can also now join me on LinkedIn  and Facebook.  We will be offering plants for sale on our Facebook page as well and hope to see you there!

Many thanks to our valued customers! We can’t thank you enough for your kind patronage. I have another exciting year planned, traveling to many Orchid Societies and shows. If you’d like for me to speak to your society, please give me a call at: 336-655-5883.

Growing orchids is a joy for us at Marriott Orchids! We take pride in offering healthy high quality plants of exceptional breeding. Please enjoy the web site and, as always, suggestions are welcome.


Hadley Cash