Welcome to Marriott Orchids!

We hope you like the new site! If you’ve visited before you’ll find all the old features and a few new ones!

Marriott Orchids continues with our tradition in breeding cutting- edge complex Paphs. Our AOS award count is now over 500, with 20 FCC’s. We are very excited about the new hybrids that are coming up to blooming size this year and hope you will be too!

More detail on Marriott Orchids and our breeding is available on our “About Marriott Orchids” page and in the featured articles on my blog. Our new photo gallery now features almost 2000 photos of Marriott Orchids breeding stock and seedlings (Over 400 new photos just added in January!)
We have also added various articles of interest on Hadley’s blog,  including his most recent article “New Perspectives on Novelty Slippers” published in the Winter edition of the Orchid Digest.  We hope you have fun checking it all out!

If you have an interest in purchasing some of our plants, our Seedlings List and Divisions List have been update with current pricing and our Select Flask Listing has been updated for Spring 2018.    As always, if you don’t see what you are looking for please contact us to discuss specific divisions, crosses or for suggestions. In keeping pace with technology, you can also now join me on LinkedIn  and Facebook.  We will be offering plants for sale on our Facebook page as well and hope to see you there!

Many thanks to our valued customers! We can’t thank you enough for your kind patronage. I have another exciting year planned, traveling to many Orchid Societies and shows. If you’d like for me to speak to your society, please give me a call at: 336-655-5883.

Growing orchids is a joy for us at Marriott Orchids! We take pride in offering healthy high quality plants of exceptional breeding. Please enjoy the web site and, as always, suggestions are welcome.


Hadley Cash