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Winter 2018 Listing
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HC3356: Pink Legacy ‘Mystic Moon’ x Obsession ‘Statuesque’… ‘Mystic Moon’ is one of the best shaped pink/whites I’ve ever bloomed, and it has been mated to one of the two best Obsessions in my collection. Some speckled or pure whites will pop up, but the majority will be pink/whites. The pod parent has 6.2cm wide petals, while Statuesque boasts nearly 6cm petals on a 13.5cm across flower. Exquisite parentage here… Pink Legacy and Obsession are two of the best pink crosses I have ever produced! $550…… Sold Out

HC3396: Austin Cash ‘Perfect World’ x Winter Star ‘Perfection’ AM/AOS… Impeccable parentage in this cutting edge white cross. Austin Cash is the finest Green/Gold cross we have produced to date… six AM’s from the AOS and an AQ. Top this off with ‘Underworld’ having a 10+cm wide ventral sepal. ‘Perfection’ is our foremost Pink/White parent, and every cross using it thus far has been exceptional. Award quality offspring are sure to come from this picture-perfect mating. $600…… Sold Out

HC3428: Knight’s Tale ‘Carolina Sunset’ AM/AOS x Fantasy ‘Galaxy Quest’… One of my most recent breeding directions has been white/pink flowers with boldly spotted petals and dorsal sepal. I have seen very little breeding around the world in this hard to accomplish direction. ‘Carolina Sunset’ has lovely medium pink color, with a speckled overlay, and almost perfect form. The pollen parent, registered as Fantasy, has proven genetics to produce both stipples and spots over the petals. The best of these will have medium spotting over both petals and dorsal, and either pink or white background color. Whole new style! $550 … Sold Out

HC3439: (Mem. Jack Tonkin x Jenna Marie) ‘Giant’ x Winter Star ‘Perfection’ AM/AOS… ‘Giant’ is a massive flower, 16.5cm natural spread and over 6.5cm wide petals. ‘Perfection’ is our best Winter Star, both from a beauty and breeding aspect. EVERY cross that I have made using ‘Perfection’ has been phenomenal. This is a paper perfect cross for huge full-formed white/pinks. $550… 1 available


HC3397: Alchemy ‘Titanic’ x Sorcerer’s Stone ‘Perfect World’… The pod parent ‘Titanic’ has a massive 17cm natural spread and unbelievable substance. It is the backbone of some of the finest Green/Gold crosses we have produced in recent years. It offers huge size, flat form, and superb substance.  It is paired with one of the most perfectly shaped flowers I have ever seen ‘Perfect World’. The pod parent has excellent size, and a ventral sepal that form an exact mirror of the dorsal sepal. Expect some of the best Green/Golds imaginable. $450…… Sold Out

Reds/Spotteds & Complex Vini-color

HC3453: Mem. Jack Tonkin ‘Marriott Spotted Galaxy’ AM/AOS x Mintaro ‘Millionaire’… High quality complex Paphs with spotted petals are a rarity. To that end, I began a serious breeding program for not only bold spotting, but large full flowers as well. Mem. Jack Tonkin is a consummate breeder for huge, very flat flowers. It is also dominant for putting spots on the petals of its offspring. ‘Millionaire’ is a Woodruff progeny, and Woodruff has proven itself over the last two decades as exceptional for breeding spot petals. These will produce big, bold, and beautiful. … $400 … 1 available

HC3454: Wonder World ‘Jaguar’ x Space Shuttle ‘Powerhouse’… ‘Jaguar’ has a remarkable combination of color and spotting! ‘Powerhouse’ has massive size, 16cm, and very large central spotting. Both flowers have heavy substance, and are highly spot dominant in their breeding. Dark red brushed flowers with flat form and leather-like substance. … $450 … 1 available

HC3466: (Woodruff x Kinzua) ‘Defiance’ x Space Shuttle ‘Powerhouse’… ‘Defiance’ is the largest spot-petal I have ever bloomed or seen; coming from its Kinzua parentage. It is 16.5cm in natural spread. In mating it with another huge flower, ‘Powerhouse’, giant flowers should dominate. Those flowers that get both the size and spotting offered by the two parents, will set a new standard for big spotteds. … $500 … 1 available

Primary, Species & Novelty 

HC3469: sukhakulii ‘Galactic Storm’ FCC/AOS x sukhakulii ‘Marriott Magnum’ AM/AOS… As a breeder who specializes primarily in complex Paphs, I rarely make species crosses. I only do it when I consider the species I am using to be at the apex of quality worldwide. This is the case in this cross. ‘Galactic Storm’ is very recently awarded, and has a 93 point FCC/AOS, the highest ever awarded. It is mated to sukhakulii ‘Marriott Magnum’ AM/AOS, 89 points. The pod parent is the better of the two parents. Both have petal widths between 3.2 and 3.4cm, and natural spreads of 17cm! Offspring from this unbelievably select cross should set a new standard for sukhakulii for generations to come. … $750
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